The artwork on this page was created by Heather Nunn, a British printmaker. The art was created using plastic litter that she found at the locations depicted in the artworks.

By developing her artworks using plastic waste, she intended to highlight the clash between the beauty of the locations and the ugliness of the plastic litter.

One of these prints was used as the cover for the SAPEA evidence review report on the biodegradability of plastics in the open environment.




Freathy I

Freathy II


A collagraph series that captures the natural beauty that we as consumers take for granted and to challenge the perception of the viewer by providing scientific knowledge translated into imagery. We complete our daily activities blinded by routine, forgetting to actually look and see around us.
By collecting litter from aesthetic rural sites and using it to form an image each site, the work compares the beauty against the ugly.
The work exposes the overlooked corner of reality where waste is disposed of in an improper manner and the disastrous impact it has of the survival of not only marine wildlife but land too.