250+ plastic pollution experts call for EU binding measures on Microplastics

More than 250 plastic pollution experts from different countries all over the world accompanying the 2022 UN Ocean Conference in Lisbon are calling on the European Commission to show greater ambition in the upcoming EU proposals for measures to reduce microplastics unintentionally released in the environment.

In the attached letter, they are bringing a joint and compelling call for the Commission to propose binding and bold political measures for the immediate reduction and the adequate prevention of microplastic pollution. 

Microplastics are now found in the deepest ocean trenches to the highest mountain peaks and even in the atmosphere, enabling transport to the most remote parts of our planet, onto our fields and into human lungs and blood, the latest research shows. Industry is expanding production facilities, even though research clearly shows that we need to cap plastic production, also to reduce its impact on the climate. Researchers recently wrote that we have already exceeded the planetary boundary for new chemicals including plastic.

Dr. Melanie Bergmann and Dr. João Frias, on behalf of the 257 plastic pollution researchers

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